This cold grey depressing dusk of the last Wednesday of October was the last time I saw Hermes; the handsome French guy, with a unique rich voice and bright shining eyes.

He joined the company at the end of the spring. There were rumours of how handsome he was and how the girls would probably fight for him. I was not supposed to be one of those girls, as I was 10 years older than him. I was just allowed to be curious to see him. The day finally came and the only thing I remember is that exceptional voice. I didn’t even hear his name when he was shaking hand with me. I was charmed with that deep strong voice coming from somewhere above. Yes, he was tall, much taller than me.

Then I saw him the same day at the train station. There I could finally focus and learn his name, Hermes, and you don’t pronounce the H, since it’s French. We were getting the same train and even the same bus afterwards. We were actually living at a two-minute walking distance of each other. How impossible, yet amazingly true!

Hermes was the whole meaning of that summer. He was the real sun, shining next to me in the train. Those short talks were the sweetest moments of the day. I needed to hear that voice talking and laughing to fuel up for the rest of the day, to be happy, to be alive. He was encouraging me to join a circus to add some fun to my life, or to become a food critique or movie critique, basically anything than the slave of a company. Hermes was young, incredibly young, overflowing with the youth energy, full of exciting ideas, ready to “suck the marrow out of life”. I wish I were young enough to be able to fall for him, to go crazy about him, to leave everything behind and follow him to his fancy dream and make something extraordinary out of my life.

Today I saw Hermes for the last time. I wanted to hold him tight and freeze the time at that cold gloomy train station. I wanted to keep his tall, strong, joyful, lively, young presence next to me forever. But he had a whole promising life in front him and I didn’t have the smallest right to waste a minute of it. We just said goodbye and everyone walked to his side of the platform. I tried to hold my tears and kept repeating to myself that the life would go on… the fucking boring empty cruel life would go on…