The way you paint your nails, the way you color your hair, the way you eat berries and nuts as snacks, the way you brew your jasmine green tea and drink it with honey, the way you add avocados to your salad, the way you write with colorful markers, the way you wear light-filtering glasses, the way you drink 2 liters of water everyday, is not authentic, is not original, is only an imperfect copy of my innovative, unique, genuine ideas and behavior that simply makes me the one i am. You are no more than coward pathetic followers who need me to take the lead in making the strange and extraordinary stuff being accepted. Then you pretend to be the gods of change and start showing off your ridiculous silly copies.

I am so sorry for you all, since i am always way ahead of you, with a brilliant mind full of what you can never even imagine. And i keep surprising you everyday and enjoy seeing that disappointed look on your face.
At the end I am the free, brave, original one, only me.